Communication is hard.

Most don't know that different personalities prefer different styles of communication.

Maybe you like passionate explanations, appeals to your emotions, data-driven facts - or maybe, you don't want the explanation - you just want to be told what needs to be done.

We also get motivated in different ways: Maybe you are self-motivated, socially-motivated, externally-motivated - or maybe, you get motivated through disagreement.

Knowing these differences help us navigate the different personalities.

An easy system to help is to divide personality types into colors.

Each color has particular traits, and it is helpful to understand how these traits work. It helps to psychologically understand people better, and also help your interactions.

There is no "best" color - and the truth is, our colors change depending on circumstances.

Knowing our baseline helps us know ourselves, and know how to navigate people who we otherwise just don't understand.

What follows are a set of terms. Rank them in order that most represents who you are. Some may be harder than others - that's ok. The important thing is you do your best to be honest with yourself.

This assessment is free. No data - personal or otherwise, will be collected and stored.

All this code runs on your browser, no responses are saved to a server.

The only tracking is an anonymized Google Analytics tracker to enable traffic monitoring.

It's also entirely open-source, and available here.

Toggle each button in the order most representative of yourself.
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