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Coder for 16+ years

Leader & Mentor for 11+ years

Speaker for 9+ years

Director of Engineering for 4+ years

Alishah has been a professional software engineer for more than 15 years, but has coded his whole life. He's worked at 2 Fortune 200 companies, and multiple start-ups. He's coded everything from business applications, to web-applications, video games. One personal project was ranked one of the top 100 sites of 2009 by PCMag. He spent 10 years in the Software Robotics / Automation space and Healthcare industry. He currently oversees multiple engineering & analytics teams at Nashville-based FinTech company, Celero Commerce.

Born in Canada.
Learned Basic.
Learned QBasic.
Learned Visual Basic 4.0, HTML, built games and websites.
Learned JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, &Flash.
Built first website.
Freshman year at the University of Toronto, studying Physics, Math and Computer Science. Learned Java.
Freelanced throughout college.
Built website for Ghanian prince. Graduated from the University of Toronto with a Physics degree. Landed first job with startup company.
Learned PHP & SQL.
Began working at
Microsoft, in Redmond WA.
Learned C#, .NET
Personal project,
Broken Picture Telephone, ranked as
Top 100 site by PCMag
Joined an RPA start-up company, HPA, as
Sr. Software Engineer
Promoted to Engineering Manager. Startup acquired by one of Healthcare's largest technology companies, TriZetto.
Acquired again!
Underwent 2nd acquisition, joining the accelerator group within Cognizant - a Fortune 200 corporation.
Received the NTC's
Software Engineer of the Year award. Promoted to Director of Engineering with 4 teams of 30+ individuals.
Exercise teaching Machine Learning to kids using Starbursts published in
Bots! Robotics Engineering.
Joined Celero Commerce as the Director of Engineering. Lead agile transformation. Oversee 25+ engineering team. Named Community Leader of the Year.


showcasing various in-flight projects

code / collision A game for developers: Host an event, developers code their strategies and compete.
increments increments is a show for technologists about taking stock of our growth.
youtube channel channel features tips and suggestions for junior coders and engineering managers.


The following resources are for technologists, and based on 10+ years as a hiring manager at both large and small companies, interviewing and hiring hundreds.

portfolio advice Simple advice on building a strong portfolio. 17k+ downloads
interview advice Simple advice on interviewing. 8k+ downloads
resume template A resume template for technologists. 5k+ downloads


Techless Teaching is about taking a tech-less approach to classrooms and helping students learn about Computational Thinking approaches.

2021 Community Leader of the Year Award 2021 Community Leader of the Year Award Awarded by the Greater Nashville Technology Council
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